Simple Ways to Remember to Change Your Air Filters

Posted on March 15th, 2017 by DLWPO

air conditioning repair knoxville | pipe wrench plumbing, heating & coolingWhen was the last time you took a look at the air filters in your home? These filters play an important role in how efficiently your HVAC system runs. In fact, a dirty air filter can leave you with high energy bills and put extra wear and tear on your system. We know that it’s not always easy to remember when to check your air filters, so here are a few tips to help remind you to check each month!

Tips to Help You Remember:

  • Loop It In With Other Chores – Are there other chores around the home that you perform each month? Associate checking your air filter with those household checkups! Every time you clean your gutters, balance your checkbook or dust your shelves, remember to also check your air filter.
  • Set a Phone Reminder – If you are like most people, you’re probably often glued to your phone, tablet or computer. Set a recurring event reminder to check your air filter! You’ll be notified each month with no extra effort on your part!
  • Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat – New thermostats actually have a built in system that reminds you when your air filter needs to be changed!

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